Kindergarten and First Grade Video

IT’S TIME TO RHYME!: How rhymes help kids learn to read

Read Together Grow Together- Reading with your child is one of the best ways to build their literacy skills. Here is one simple tip you can use when you read together.

PBS Kids – American Sign Language

American Sign Language provided by Bridge Multimedia and The Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) with funding from the US Department of Education.

Mister Rogers stays at Arthur’s house. / Fern draws an unflattering cartoon of Francine.

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Read Together, Grow Together: Tips for Reading with Young Children

Start reading to kids even before they can talk. Young minds are always learning and growing. They pick up language as infants. That’s why reading to young children should start before children begin talking.

Helping Your Kid With . . . Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness is about hearing the smallest units of sounds, and it is one of the most important skills for young kids as they learn to read. Learn how to blend words and segment words by doing brief activities around the house. Hosted by Paul Steinle.

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Helping Your Kid With . . . Building Vocabulary and Comprehension With Read-Alouds

Most of you read books with your kids. This video shows you how to use book read-alouds to build vocabulary and learning. Choose a book, predict what the book is about, talk about vocabulary, and enjoy your reading time! Hosted by Letti Grimaldo and Shannon Giroir.

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CELL Center for Early Literacy Learning

The CELL Overview – Gives a concise view of the Center for Early Literacy Learning and the approach we’ve taken in creating useful tools for parents to use. For use with Parents and by Teachers.

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KidLit TV

Read Across America partner KidLit TV  is a diverse group of parents, educators, librarians, kid lit creators, and award-winning filmmakers working together to create fun new ways to reinforce an appreciation of reading that children will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Children can experience authors and illustrators reading their works through KidLit TV’s Read Out Loud program, which includes an array of titles featuring diverse people and cultures. Find more read-alouds, plus podcasts, activity ideas, book trailers, and more at their award-winning website.

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Read Aloud Resources

ALL Ohio (Advancing Literacy Learning in Ohio) is a compilation of high-quality professional learning resources for Ohio’s P20 education system. ALL Ohio serves as a tool to strengthen educators’ knowledge and skills in evidence-based language and literacy practices grounded in the science of reading.

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A Thousand White Butterflies

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Storyline Online

Reading aloud to children has been shown to improve reading, writing and communication skills, logical thinking and concentration, and general academic aptitude, as well as inspire a lifelong love of reading. Teachers use Storyline Online in their classrooms, and doctors and nurses play Storyline Online in children’s hospitals.

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What the Science Says About How Kids Learn to Read

The debate on how to teach early reading has raged for a century. But for the last few decades, the cognitive science has been clear: Teaching young kids how to crack the code—teaching systematic phonics—is the most reliable way to make sure that they learn how to read words.

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Reading SOS: Expert Answers to Family Questions About Reading

In this special Reading Rockets video series, experts answer real questions from families about reading and how to support their children’s literacy at home.

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More About Collin

Learn the importance of and ways to develop literacy skills for children with special needs.

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Reading and Writing Together

Doing reading and writing activities with your child can help them develop both skills and interest in literacy.

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Building Vocabulary and Comprehension

Discover useful and fun ways to enhance your child’s vocabulary and understanding of language.

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