Middle School – High School

In this tab you can find activities, games, stories, and resources to engage your children according to different age levels. These resources can help your child get excited about reading and learning to read.

These activities are targeted for ages Middle School – High School

How Can I Help My Middle Schooler Read Multisyllabic Words?

Many words that students read in middle school have two or more syllables. These are called multisyllabic words. As children progress through school, the number of multisyllabic words they encounter in texts increases. When struggling readers are confronted with long words in their school texts, they often give up or read the words incorrectly, not understanding that some simple steps and strategies make reading long words easier.

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Literacy Tips for Parents of Adolescents

Based on the common instructional elements from the REL Southeast Summary of 20 years of research on the effectiveness of adolescent literacy programs and practices (Herrera, Truckenmiller, & Foorman, 2016), there are activities that parents can initiate at home to help ensure successful literacy outcomes for their adolescent students. The activities include:1

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Parent Tips: How to Get Your Teen Reading

Be a positive role model for reading Let your teen see you reading for pleasure and during routine activities such as reviewing letters, recipes, instructions, newspapers, magazines, and e-mail.

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How Parents Can Encourage Teens to Read

Reading Is Fundamental

You know that reading is important and you want to make sure that your teenager grows into adulthood with all the skills he or she needs to succeed. The following list offers suggestions for encouraging your teens to read.

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