Birth to Age 2 Videos

Building Vocabulary and Comprehension

Discover useful and fun ways to enhance your child’s vocabulary and understanding of language.

Video Duration 5:29

Connecting Sounds to print

Help your child learn to connect the sounds they know with letters and words on a page.

Video Duration 6:48

Discovering Language

Learn about how children develop understanding of the rhyme, sound, and rhythm of language long before they can read.

Video Duration: 7:05

Read With Me: You Make The Difference

Discover the importance of reading with your children to develop their reading skills, their interest in language, and their relationship with you.

Video Duration: 7:15

Becoming Aware of Print

Watch 2 year old Mira participate in activities that prepare her to have a love of reading.
Duration: 4:10

Sesame Street: B is for Book (with Pharell Williams)

Pharell shares how to travel the world by grabbing a book!

Duration: 2:11

Seven Research Based Ways Families Promote Early Literacy Video

Positive Early Reading Experiences Set Children On A Pathway to Become Confident Readers By the Time They Reach Third Grade.

  1. Have Ongoing and Engaging Conversations with Your Child
  2. Create Literacy-Friendly Environment.
  3. Make Reading Enjoyable
  4. Hold High Expectations for Your Child’s Learning
  5. Communicate with Your Child’s Teacher
  6. Use Home Languages
  7. Visit the Library

Duration: 1:22

Parents Talking With Their Children

Watch and listen to 5 quick tips. This video models simple things we can do to develop language skills.
Duration: 1:42