This website was developed to help Ohio’s families learn more about reading.

Visit the website often to see new fun and engaging activities. These activities will be archived in one of the tabs at the top of website. You can also search the website using the Search feature to find information of interest to you.

We hope you’ll find helpful tips and activities to encourage your child to become a successful reader. We also have reading research and resources for those who would like more detailed information.

Here is a brief description of what you can find in the tabs on this website:

About Us
Learn about the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities, and their relationship.

Reading Tips and Activities
In this tab you can find activities, games, stories, and resources to engage your children according to different age levels. These resources can help your child get excited about reading and learning to read. These activities are categorized by Birth – Age 2; Ages 3-5; Kindergarten and First Grade; and Elementary School.

Video Resources
Included in this category are short videos that show you some every day activities that you can do with your children to encourage language and reading.

Day By Day Ohio
Here you will find excellent resources that may help you engage in fun and educational activities with your child throughout the year!

Here you will find definitions of words from A-Z that relate to reading.

Tips From Families
This tab includes tips that families have provided using the “Send Us A Tip” feature on each page of the website. This includes highlights of activities that are engaging for kids that are being tried by families.